Life Line Trust and Sai Karuna Mission is founded by Dr Uday Shah who is a doctor and a spiritual scientist. He has done PHD in aura research.Aura or electro magnetic field surrounding our body can be used as a diagnostic tool to help in evaluating the causes of diseases, karmic or genetic imprints even before the disease enters our physical body. It also helps us to understand the cause of our financial and relationship problems. Also we can help them in getting rid of any addiction.

once having understood the cause and law of karma we then proceed to help people learn the healing techniques like karuna karma soul and Dna healing, psychic surgery and many others. These techniques are not just mechanical but are practised with a lot of understanding and compassion which helps people to heal at soul level and get a lot of relief from their problems.

Apart from aura BFR (London) we also use estech complex(USA) a machine which helps to diagonise the disease in terms of units before it affects the physical body. With proper precautions taken with regards to diet, exercise, different kinds of meditations and healing we can overcome the problems before they affect us.

A total package to heal at body mind and soul level. Aura pictures taken before and after healing help us to understand how healing has occured and to pacify the logical mind.


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