Dr Uday Shah

Doctor & Spiritual Scientist

About My Self

My Self Doctor Uday Shah, Founder Of Sai Karuna Mission, Started My Spiritual Journey in 1998 , When I was in Second Year Of Medical College , Got chance of entering Bhramakumari, Learnt Raj Yog in Amravati, Then He Felt its something more then Medical Science, which doctors failed to give treatment to patients. After 1 Year I got chance in entering Naturecure, Accupressure, Yoga, Later we started Camp in panchgini on Cancer. We got connected to Osho Dynamic Meditation, We also learned Chakra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Breath meditation, It was good experiene because around 70% to 80% people got cured in that camp. Many people succeed in weight loss, Many experience having problem with eye site return of eye sites, Few having problem got there voice back, After lot of Research we came to know , really different type of meditaion work internally. With this journey I completed My Medical Education. After practice of Medical Science, I felt i again got stuck in some things, so I went back ,I again restarted in Panchgani. I then learned Pranic healing in 1997, I experienced that there is increase in intuvity, sensibility of My Mind, I then was able to sense aura also see the aura and chakra of different people. It was good for me to avoid more questioning to patients, I was able to diagnose very quickly . I starting we used to do chakra Scan, Aura Scan, later it was not required , I used to give crystals to patient in there hand, It was possible for me to identify the issue like congestion in liver ,Hearth , kidney etc. Still I was not able to get the result as per my expecation as medical doctor expect more result in any theraphy. We then Got in to Reiki. Result percentage got increased. Again after one Year , I felt , Somewhere i am stuck again. Then I got into Karuna Healing, Psychic Surgery , Thetha Healing, magnified Healing, Vaastu, Fensui, Graphology , Numerology, Astrology.