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Teaching Healing

We Teaches Reiki, Karuna Reiki , Psychinc Healing . Kindly have a look at our Course Section


We Heal People Using Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Also do Psychic Surgery if needed , Kindly Visit our Services Page

Aura Scan

We Do Aura Scan with the help of which we can find out issues like Vastu Dosh, Pitru Dosh, Karmas etc , Kindly Visit Our Aura Scanning Page
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About Life Line Trust

Life Line Trust and Sai Karuna Mission is founded by Dr Uday Shah who is a doctor and a spiritual scientist. He has done PHD in aura research.Aura or electro magnetic field surrounding our body can be used as a diagnostic tool to help in evaluating the causes of diseases, karmic or genetic imprints even before the disease enters our physical body. It also helps us to understand the cause of our financial and relationship problems. Also we can help them in getting rid of any addiction. once having understood the cause and law of karma we then proceed to help people learn the healing techniques like karuna karma soul and Dna healing, psychic surgery and many others. These techniques are not just mechanical but are practised with a lot of understanding and compassion which helps people to heal at soul level and get a lot of relief from their problems. Apart from aura BFR (London) we also use estech complex(USA) a machine which helps to diagonise the disease in terms of units before it affects the physical body. With proper precautions taken with regards to diet, exercise, different kinds of meditations and healing we can overcome the problems before they affect us. A total package to heal at body mind and soul level. Aura pictures taken before and after healing help us to understand how healing has occured and to pacify the logical mind.
  • 5 Yrs in Homeopathic College
  • 1 Yr In Wadia Hospital- Gynaec & Pediatriital Hospital
  • 2.5 Yrs in Ramakrishna Hospital, Under 45 Consultant Doctor with 75 Beds Hospital
  • 16 Yrs Naturopathy, Acupressure at Panchagani Intermittent Camps on Chronic and Incurable Cases, Esp Cancer, Received Award from Later Mr. Sunil Datta in 1994.
  • 20 Yrs as Grand master. 47500 Students Trained
  • PIP (Aura Scan) Since 14 Yrs. With 8500 scan done
  • Vaastu scan since 13 yrs 9000 Sites
  • Reserach on Reiki and Aura in Singapore in 2006
  • Research on Reiki , mind energy, NLP and aura in USA and Canada for 2 months in 2008
  • Research on Reiki and Aura in Africa - Nairobi 2008
  • Research on Aura and life Style in malaysia, Thailand and Singapore 2009
  • research on Buddha Medititaion at Nepal in 2010
  • Research on Mind Energy at Dubai in 2010
  • Research on Obesity, Numerology, Graphology, Tarot at Dubai 2011
  • 24 Center in Mumbai and 38 Center in rest of India
  • 7 Center in Abroad
  • Conducted more than 8000 free seminars on above various Subject
  • Aura Research on Past Life Regression June 2012
  • Karma soul healing research in Dubai 2012
  • Psychic surgery and numerological karma with Karuna healing 2013 in Singapore, London and Dubai
  • Research through BFR- bio field reader on religious and spiritual place and systems in 2014 esp, Himalayas
  • New center opening for healing and research at Banaras, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Mangalore, Haridwar, Dehradun, Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad etc. in 2015
  • Various retreat on Holistic healing and Quantum Physics in India 2016. With new investigation equipment like Estec Complex fully Body scan
Work Done from Scientific to Spiritual, With intuition, Open Mindd and Combination of Various Therapies


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Dr Uday Shah


Karuna Reiki, Psyschic Surgery Aura, Medition, Mind Energy, Money & Spirituality,Energy Medicine, Past life regression, Law of Karma, NLP, Vastu, & Crystal.

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Sheetal Shah

Master of Vastu

Practioner of :- Karuna Reiki, Physic Surgery, Aura, Meditation, Mind Energy, Energy Medicine, Past Life regression, Law of Karma, NLP, Vastu & Crystal